General Rental Information

Terms & Conditions

  • A valid driver’s license and an active driving experience of 2 years minimum
  • A valid identity card or passport if you are a foreign citizen
  • A valid mobile phone number
  • Rental vehicles without leaving deposits
  • Possibility of paying cash, through an account or payment card
  • Rental price that includes unlimited daily mileage
  • Special deals for long-term lease

Car Rental is charged in dinars at the average rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the payment date.

For the loss of keys will be charged the value of making new to an authorized service center.

If a client has a traffic or a parking fine during the rental will be charged the cost of penalties. The client is obligated to pay all traffic, parking fines incurred during the term of the lease, rental vehicles.

ANY DAMAGE WITHOUT POLICE RECORD will be borne by the lessee.


If you need a child seat or seats, do not worry. With us is completely free of charge. Going on a long trip and you need a ROOF BOX, no worries and that we give absolutely FREE.